We believe that you deserve to have rituals that improve your well-being, so you can be the best version of yourself and live life to the fullest. 

RITUALS is a space for you to find balance in mind and body through meaningful self-care and genuine community.

Through wellness services like holistic chiropractic care, infrared sauna services, IV treatments, and ionic foot soaks, RITUALS is a unified space that can effortlessly become a part of the rituals you desire in your life.

To extend your ritual journey into your home, we’ve designed a shop with carefully curated items for health, beauty, family, motherhood, style, and more.

We promise to fill your cup so you can pour into others and live life to the fullest.


Rituals Wellness + Shop is a home at 101 S. Colorado Street—the corner spot on S. Colorado and W. Walnut Street in the heart of Celina. It will transform into what will be known as a retreat for people to experience a one-stop-shop for their wellness needs. 






































































































































































































RITUALS is being designed and renovated by Mada Leigh with her signature style. RITUALS will offer services like holistic chiropractic care, infrared saunas, IV infusions, massage therapy, organic skincare, functional medicine practices, and more.


In addition, the space will feature a curated collection of products that are healthy, non-toxic, local, sustainable, and sometimes, just ridiculously cool.

The community will also have the opportunity to purchase pre-made meals, snacks, and more!


RITUAL events will bring our community together and create a unique culture where people can be healthy and have fun in the same place. Couples  Meditation + Mimosas anyone?!?

Let us fill your cup


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